Extreme Weather

A collection of worsted wool fabric designs inspired by extreme weather patterns due to climate change, situated in the luxury interiors market alongside Osborne & Little and The Conran Shop. Research for the project came from documentaries and newspaper articles covering climate change, extreme weather patterns and sustainability. The photographs selected to work from were of melting ice caps, cloud formations, tornadoes and hurricanes, storms, lightning showers, wildfires, fire tornadoes, droughts and volcanic eruptions. Through visual development, colour was explored to capture the strong emotions movements and patterns within the photographs through mark making, painting, drawing and mixed media collage. The artwork generated was then developed into woven structures and contrasting coloured yarns and wool roving were then used to add a strong sense of identity and texture to the collections. Three blanket warps were used to explore woven structures across different drafts to build the designs for the final collection.