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Hyerconnectivity and dependence, the ultimate formula for us to be tracked and watched online and do we even care? PANOPTICON is a publication that dives into the digital world of haunting surveillance, privacy breaches and data exploitation. A new 2.0 world has formed where we are subconsciously behaving in a certain way because we know we are being tracked and watched. What happened to the pink flip phones and the innocence? My publication uncovers something that effects what we are digitally digesting every day, the algorithms that are specifically targeted to your news feed, and how your snapchat even knows when you’re listening to music. Why do we constantly need to prove that ‘I am not a robot’ when purchasing things online? Is there more to it than we know? The answer is yes, and if we don’t draw a line between our light switches, heating systems and google homes, the internet of things is going to know our next move before we do.