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An Investigation into the Long-Term Viability of CGI Influencers in Fashion Marketing

he investigation set out to understand how successful computer-generated models can be as a marketing tool, specifically, in fashion marketing. Although these digital social media influencers are rising in popularity and are being booked by big-name fashion brands for campaigns, they are a relatively new concept. Thus, there is limited research available; meaning both qualitative and quantitative research was required to reinforce information found during the literature review. Research conducted included in-depth interviews with models and creatives in the fashion industry and their opinions of CGI models; an online questionnaire to understand consumer perception of CGI models; and content analysis of CGI influencers to assess the type of content which is more successful. The study highlights issues such as the human brain being mistrusting to hyper-realistic avatars and the need for further development before garments can be accurately portrayed on a computer-generated model.

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