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An Investigation into ‘The Death of the High Street’ and is Experiential Marketing the Answer to its Rejuvenation?

This study investigates the phenomenon known as the ‘death of the high street’ and to determine if experiential marketing, a common buzzword in the industry, is the answer to its rejuvenation. This investigation focuses on 3 main objectives: to analyse the UK high street in order to determine if it is in a state of decline, to determine consumer perceptions of experiential marketing as a response to the rejuvenation of the high street. The investigation consisted on two forms of research; a case study of menswear brand Lyle and Scott, an up-and-coming experiential brand and a questionnaire involving 73 respondents regarding their perceptions surrounding experiential as a concept, a heavily under-researched topic. Findings demonstrated that the UK high street was not dead but adapting to the many changes including; business rates, consumer behaviour, increasingly consumer affluency and the biggest reason the rise of online. This was echoed in case study with Lyle and Scott giving the above as reasons for their investment in experiential marketing in order to react to these changes. The questionnaire results provided an in-depth insight into the consumer perceptions into experiential marketing. However, in each case the results were unable to be conclusive due to the population size and Lyle and Scott still being in the pilot stages of experiential marketing. The author suggests recommendations for further research in order to provide an extension to the findings in order to make a successful conclusion.

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