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A Rejection of PFC’s and Plastics in Clothing: A collection of women’s lifestyle clothing using natural materials.

"The fashion industry is expected to account for 26 % of the global carbon budget by 2050, microplastics from clothing are the primary pollutant of marine environments and Perfluorinated chemicals have now been found at in every corner of the planet including human tissue. These are issues which cannot be ignored by any industry.
This project has been completed in collaboration with McNair Shirts, Huddersfield. In order to limit the carbon footprint of the collection and to ensure traceability, all fabrics have been be sourced within 25 miles of the McNair Shirt Atelier. Furthermore, only fabrics and components of natural origins have been used. The collection focuses on the functionally of garments as a everyday wearable collection for the country and life style segment. "