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"A 2016 study estimated that 60 billion square metres of fabric swept from cutting room floors is consigned to landfill every year. (McQuillan and Rissanen, 2016). That is enough to cover 75% of the land mass of Scotland. Yet this is standard practice in the fashion industry and has been overlooked for decades.

The world is currently facing a climate crisis and people are beginning to wake up to the harsh realities within the fashion industry. Now, more than ever, there is a demand from consumers for better solutions and practices. Pre-consumer waste is a major issue throughout the garment supply chain, especially during the cutting process. Around 85% efficiency of fabric is an accepted standard and has been for decades. Surely there is a better way and waste is merely a design flaw?

This collection, by Verity Marshall, is designed to prove it is possible to create a commercial collection using Zero Waste Pattern Cutting methods. By pushing the boundaries of conventional design techniques and questioning the standard processes of garment production there is a solution to some of the problems facing those striving to create a more sustainable fashion industry. Through involving the Pattern Cutter as an integral part of the design development stage and employing Zero Waste Pattern Cutting techniques, waste can be designed out of a garment from the start. Therefore, eliminating the industry standard 15% pre-consumer waste. "