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"Clothing as protection for the physical body is necessary for our survival. How we wear that protective layer contributes to how we attract a mate and survive as a species. Changes in our environment can ignite fears for that survival. War, pandemic, and climate change are threats to our survival which affect our psychological state and heighten our survival instinct. Clothing can also be psychological protection. How we dress can make us feel more confident than we really are, masking us from danger and protecting our, sometimes, vulnerable sense of self.

Designing a collection which is functional and fit for purpose protects the physical body.
Understanding the need to mask our fears adds a new level of design consciousness. We may dress to protect, mask, attract, conform, or rebel but our fundamental survival instinct will see our needs from clothing, evolve. The Darwin Project manipulates layers of texture, pattern, and function to embody the survival instinct and make the wearer comfortable in his own skin.

Waxed cotton is the predominant fabric of the collection. Collaboration with Halley Stevensons, who have been manufacturing in Dundee since 1894, provided sustainable, protective fabric with a strong heritage. Original pattern was etched onto the waxed cotton using a laser cutter, for the
statement coat. "