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"Chloe Linda Innes’s collection “ALBA” is a tapestry of her history as a Scottish designer- captured through textures, silhouettes and fabrics. Synonymous with sustainability- Innes has built her collection on how she can evolve heritage crafts for a modern fashion industry; such as hand eco-printing peace silks with berries and bark to knitting recycled biodegradable wool. Stepping away from stereotypical notions of Scottish fashion her collection reevaluates Highland heritage for a contemporary Scotland.

This collection aims to avoid tartan clichés. Innes developed eco prints with native Scottish plants and followed ancient Scottish recipes to develop authentic colours and patterns. Pairing these eco-prints with her watercolour paintings of views from a walk across Culloden Battlefield, Innes, has created an organic palette of colours and textures that appear in modern interpretations of knit, local cashmere and silk. Working with an industry mentor allowed Innes to gain invaluable feedback to develop her ideas into a collection for a luxury womenswear market. "