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"My collection, entitled Relic, is a hybrid between elements from the distant past and a progressive design future. Drawing inspiration from a range of sources, from medieval garment construction to contemporary abstract art, Relic joins seemingly disparate elements to create an evocative and unexpected mood.
Innovative textile development is at the heart of the collection, combining artisanal handcraft with modern technologies. Stitching is a key element, refracting the techniques of times past through a contemporary lens; laser cut appliques are layered with digital embroidery and complex seams are highlighted with numerous fagoting stitches, making each garment an heirloom piece.
The collection's colour palette consists of stone, black and verdigris, referencing the aged brickwork and patinated steeples of medieval buildings. This medieval motif is carried throughout, appearing in decorative placket detailing, sleeve constructions and tunic-inspired shapes. "