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"Envision was inspired by videogames and how they can bring people from all walks of life together. Not being a gamer myself, the exhibition- design/ play /disrupt at the V&A Dundee provided me with an insight into contemporary videogames, the different elements involved and how it’s not just a picture on our screens, which many of us think of. It’s much more, the world we live in gives us all, as individuals, many challenges. Whether it be social status, race, mental health, confidence or dealing with the pressures from such things. Many of us struggle to cope with this and videogames provide us with an opportunity to live a life outside our own, where, if wanted, anonymity can be maintained whilst allowing us to immerse ourselves in a fantasy world and escape our daily struggles.
The collection delves into the gaming world and its relation to historical architectural developments. This is shown using a contradiction of contemporary fabrics to contrast old and new, reality and digital make-believe. Alongside this concept, the collection utilised traditional and non-traditional pattern cutting, to expand on shapes taken from game structures to develop into silhouettes. In addition to investigating structure, the collection will introduce the garments with the elements of motion from videogames. To mimic this idea the garments will move and flow in line with the amount of fabric used. The collection has been designed and made using solely black fabrics and materials to accentuate these concepts."