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"With relevance to today’s society, the collection gives focus to the contrasting ideas within African nomadic tribes and the difference of that with first world waste problem. The stand out differences within the two societies and how they then correlate to the economy to give a difference in human instincts and nature. The effect of climate change and urbanisation within these countries and its relevance to fashion.
With the new revelation of sustainability in the fashion industry; it’s not but an option(!) but a ‘we must’ continue the attitudes and the education within this sector.
1907; a new year for forms, styles and techniques…
Leading to the summer of ’06 the rise of PROTOCUBISM, Picasso’s influence from African Imagery through art. This was societies new:


The riding of new beliefs and the fascination of African imagery and the way they see things leading to how they rendered images. The collection will explore how over 100 years later attitudes have shifted but we still compare the continents to a new idea of climate change. "