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"The marks a skater makes on the ice tell a story of the movement, it creates pathways of where the skater has been and where they are going. Through this, shapes and patterns are formed giving a beginning, middle and end to their journey.
My collection looks into the technical movement and positioning of figure skaters, represented by shapes transferred into the silhouette through a series of ice layouts - imbedded ice layouts into the construction of garments and submerging the skater’s journey into the garments, as well as creating textures that link back to the ice-skating inspiration.My designs challenge the idea and stereotyped look of figure skating and takes a subtle approach to the sport by focusing on the technical side of skating to create a more artistic approach to the theme – my hope was to capture this by illustrating the journey of a skater in an experimental format, focusing on shape, silhouette and texture, using research from my own experiences growing up as a figure skater. "