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Holistic Rehabilitation Centre

Shed 25, situated on Dundee’s Waterfront, is part of an on-going Regeneration Project. Dundee has a long legacy of drug and alcohol abuse, due to several factors; including a clear socio-economic inequality gradient associated with this hidden issue. Dundee is now known as the ‘Drug Death Capital of Europe’, suffering one death per week due to this problem. My project aims to challenge the ‘solutions’ to addiction that exist today, through the use of Holistic Design. Allowing patients to confront substance abuse and alcohol dependence, to avoid a negative impact on an individual’s mental health. Focussing on rebuilding a social connection to family and the community. Addressing all five senses, using raw materials and natural and warm artificial lighting throughout the building. The natural aromas and tastes, emanating from the nurtured garden herbs, the subtle use of nature expressing itself in a language of shapes and harmonic ratios. Finally, the minimalistic, modern, sustainable aesthetics of the interior. This space offers a fully accessible, inclusive, healing environment in response to the harrowing truth behind Dundee’s current issue.