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Women’s mental and physical health is a progressively increasing subject world-wide. The issue of women’s right, and equality has been a longstanding battle that is yet to be won in today’s society. The building is for females who are mothers, students, feminists, immigrants, aboriginals and other women with ANY enquiries. It accommodates the needs of women and help to empower them through guiding them in many ways, while encouraging communication within themselves. Communication is an important factor in building, as different forms of communication, whether it’s a girl’s circle talking about personal health or issues or just a friendly talk between friends, it allows exchange of information that not all women may be aware of. This encourages learning from other people’s stories, coming up with solutions together, and genuinely having someone who understands. The building offers medical-health specifically for women where it may not be easily accessible in clinics/hospitals. The ‘women working with women’ ideology within the building means all women get the right care. Housing is available in-order to give a helping hand to women who need a boost getting back on their feet or students (especially new immigrants) who are struggling. Carefully designed spaces allow events, club activities, educational classes, as well as defense classes. Overall, the building is designed as a safe space for women, not to hide from danger, but to build themselves up learning about their rights/health and walk out to live their lives happier. The building has been designed as a cool hang-out spot and iconic-style space for women to gather even for a fun lady’s night out, rather than a clinical building to simply get help.