Shuka Whispers 

My mother was born in Kenya but I was born and raised in Scotland.  This inspired me to work on a project which combined East African and Scottish cultures.  I focused mainly on Kenyan imagery, including the Maasai tribe, the Kenyan flag, traditional patterns and iconic wildlife such as giraffes and zebras.  My colour palette took red, green and black from the Kenyan flag, and blue, orange and white from Irn Bru.
One famous traditional article worn by the Maasai tribe is the Shuka (or African Blanket), which may have been inspired by Scottish tartan.  Extending this development led to my title, Shuka Whispers, as it reflects the progressive distillation of the design process.
Images: A collection of eclectic, quirky, African-inspired, gender-neutral designs for blanket scarves for A/W 20/21