Fabric Narratives

The focus of my work is to make visual stories accessible to all. My ‘Fabric Narratives’ collection explores the relationship between illustrated books and surface pattern products. My work is inspired by ‘The Parable of the Farmer and the Ghost’, a story that has mindfulness as its underlying theme. To my knowledge the story has not been written or illustrated before, it has been passed on through an oral storytelling tradition. The story originates from India, so I took inspiration from its heritage, the buzzing markets and vibrant colours, to create my designs. My textile collection comes with a book containing the story, that both children and adults can enjoy with their fabrics.

The collection comes with a book containing the story that inspired it. 

The book gives the collection context and an extra dimension. 


Disperse dyes and sublimation printing (for the patterns only).

Black layer screen printed on top with pigment dyes. 

Length of each panel

L145 x W60cm