Kolour Collaborative

Kolour Collaborative is a collection of hand-woven interior fabrics for the contract interiors market that embody the bright and dramatic qualities taken from street art, largely inspired by, and interpreting, the work of Peter Sheridan. 
The collection of woven fabrics has been designed and specified for use as interior upholstery and decorative fabrics, including but not limited to, headboards, throws and cushions. These will be accompanied by feature art pieces created from woven fabric designs and laser cut suede panels, encased in Perspex. 
This collection is aimed at the top end of the interiors market, specifically high-end hotels with a bold, artistic colour and pattern aesthetic, such as: SALT of Palmer, Shoreline Hotel Waikiki, Jackalope Hotels, AXEL Hotel Madrid, MISSONI Hotel Kuwait, Semiramis Greece and NHow Hotel Amsterdam.