The inspiration for my collection is Jules Verne. Often hailed as the grandfather of science fiction, his novels and short stories take you away on fantastical journeys inside your mind. Such was his ability to tell such awe inspiring tales that these novels, are as fresh today as they were back in Victorian times. 

Many have made the leap to both the big and small screen.

I have always enjoyed stories of science fiction and fantasy, that you can get lost in and these tales now also have a element of history as well. There was so much inspirational material to choose from. I decided to use my three favourite books; Journey to the centre of the earth, 20,000 leagues under the sea and around the world in 80 days. I believe that the imagery that is so prominent in these works will work amazingly on fabrics. 

My collection is purposefully unisex in design, with the fabrics usable for a range of garments to suit either sex. Also the designs themselves are done in such a way, as to look different from a distance. It is only as you come closer that it's obvious what it is and possibly be a talking point.