MSc Design Managenent

The influence of Visual Marketing within the footwear industry may or may not influence the brand loyalty of Generation Y in the UAE. This dissertation will also consider how advertisers may need to make a connection between their brand and Generation Y consumers via different methods to expand brand loyalty.

The development of a brand is a tool to build a consumer relationships and loyalty; brand development and narratives are important gears in leading consumers to develop a favourable image of a company, which helps organisations to differentiate from their rivals (Kotler & Armstrong, 2004). The perception and expectations of the consumers have been different from one geographical location to another. Therefore, organisations use different Visual Marketing strategies to attract the consumers strategically towards their brand. “Visual Marketing means a brand is using a visual element (infographics, photos, videos) to connect with a user (Robert Katai, 2016).” Now-a-day’s visual marketing has become an essential tool for brand promotion and popularity. Being influenced by this marketing strategy consumers may or may not switch their brand. As we reflect on the findings of this dissertation, it potentially can offer valuable insights for UAE brands on how to approach Generation Y consumers as they develop their marketing strategies. Organisations should be aware of consumer attitudes and needs that drive them to purchase new products from the same brand or repeat purchase of products from particular brand and should use such information in the very early phases of product development.

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