Re:Surface Hemp:an eco-responsible lifestyle brand and pattern collection

I research fibres and processes that have little or no impact on our ecosystem. I learned that hemp fibre is naturally pest-resistant and can easily be grown organically, producing a higher yield and using far less water than organic cotton fabric. Advantageously, it absorbs C02 as it grows, offering a key carbon capture method to help reverse the effects of climate change. Hemp benefits wildlife by using no pesticides. I illustrated the species that benefit in my designs to educate consumers. I was inspired to do this by The State of Nature reports.

To revive hemp fabric production in the UK, I created Re:Surface Hemp: an eco-responsible lifestyle brand and pattern collection. It is designed to be digitally printed. This is an environmentally low-impact method of printing. The collection showcases industrial hemp leaves and the many beautiful species I recorded in a riverside meadow in the Scottish Borders.

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