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In today’s modern built environment, inhabitants are isolated from the advantages of the living system and nature. Negative impact on people’s well-being blamed on the lake of accessibility of natural elements in the developing countries, especially, countries with extreme climate conditions and poor natural ecosystems. To offer people an opportunity to live and work in healthy places, it is important to articulate the relationship between nature, science, and the built environment. The biophilic design is a green design solution that integrates occupants with nature, leads to improvement in their overall well-being.

The primary purpose of this research is to highlight the imperativeness of biophilic design principles as an innovative design solution to efficiently enhance employee’s well-being and productivity within the context of the UAE workspaces that faces harsh weather during summer and have poor natural ecosystems and greenery and recommend effective biophilic design solutions. Findings address a substantial interaction between the work environment and employee performance and well-being.

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