MA Interior Architecture & Design

In my Masters Final project I proposed a new interactive theatre through immersive integration in terms of design, details and installation. Applying architectural and digital innovation using information gathered through research and engagements. This then led me to insights that I then based my design upon. Exploring Immersive, Participatory and interactive theatres I designed the building to, itself, be interactive and immersive, limiting the participatory elements as to lower the various risks during performances. Main stakeholders being tourists and performers, due to the location of the listed building and the relationships within it. This inspired my design as well as the concept generation of immersive integration as I wanted to offer a space that could be mutually beneficial for both parties. However, performers have the installation under their control allowing the environment and interactivity to be dictated for the audience members. Taking into account all key considerations such as lighting, acoustics, rigging and all requirements and focussed zones I acquired this information by maintaining engagement with specialists in theatre planning and design which allowed me to put forward a solution for my research aim, which was, Challenge traditional audience experiences within musical theatre by redesigning Westbourne Grand Cinema using architectural and digital innovation. This will reach out to the many tourists that visit the area by proposing a new type of theatre journey for participants and performers.