MA Interior Architecture & Design

Protein Bunker

This project involved planning a design for the transformation of a wartime bunker into a working indoor protein farm which could serve as an exciting and transparent food production and research site for researchers and visitors. The aim is to explore promising solutions to a hunger crisis which is expected by 2050 due to factors such as rising world population, climate change, lack of natural resources and continued high levels of food waste. By implementing this proposed design, visitors would be made aware of potential future challenges, and be shown promising foodstuffs (algae, mushrooms and insects) that could serve as viable alternatives to environmentally-harmful foods. People who are usually only consumers of foodstuffs, would thus be able to see and more fully understand the steps involved in the cultivation of promising foodstuffs, while simultaneously being encouraged to taste and discover protein sources which are not yet common in Western societies.

Headshot Young Girl