MA Interior Architecture & Design

The Retail Hotel

With the current recession in the economy worldwide and in Dubai specifically and as I am an architect mainly working in the interior design of hotels, I can see that such recession has impacted the hospitality development industry, and with the current pandemic that led to the postpone of the Dubai expo, this event that was expected to boost the Dubai economy in 2020 and specifically the retail and hotel sectors even if it is an event that will last six months only, I have decided to introduce an idea that mainly relates to my field of specialty (design of hotels) which is to reconfigure and activate the standard function of hotels and introduce more retails to the hotels public areas, so that each hotel by its own can be a permanent expo, and people around the world can come and rent retail spaces for short duration, market their products, make deals and events, this will lead that hotels will be always busy, trading is easy and should as well help the hotel surrounding community especially if it is located in a trading area so small existing retails can benefit from the trading activities happening in that hotel.

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