Rita Elias

Abou Haidar

MA Interior Architecture & Design

ORIKAMI.EDU; a Healthy School Beyond Green Initiatives

As Herman Herzberger states: “Designing schools may not be professionally glamorous, but the result has the greatest impact on our lives… our characters as adults are rooted in the experiences we have as children, influenced by our early built surroundings”. Dedicated for this cause, and inspired by the Well Building Standard, a human centric standard that is backed up by extensive medical evidence on physical and mental health, ORIKAMI.EDU manifests my interpretation of architectural solutions that optimize the health and wellbeing of elementary students in Dubai schools, via promoting more movement, mindful eating environments, and mental health awareness. The collection of my design concept presented in the project is backed up by thorough research that allowed for the integration of modern educational pedagogies, child psychology, modern design trends and sustainability to create a prototype school that can be used as a successful example for future projects.

Headshot Young Girl